Saturday, January 1, 2011

A smart plan

Just when I thought my goals for 2011 were set, I listened to the Smart Passive Income podcast. Pat Flynn talked about having SMART goals, that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound goals. After taking a look at what I wrote in my goals for 2011, I realize that I didn't really think though what I want to accomplish.

Learn Django
Learning Django is some vague goal that I might get done. Who knows when and how well I'll get I'll do it. So to make a realistic goal, I'll change my goal to run through the entire Writing your first Django app tutorial. If I want to continue along Django, I can add another goal to this list.

Improve my online presence
Vague goal #2. What? How am I going to improve my online presence? I just did a quick search on "Improving my online presence" and I see the same things:
  • write a blog
  • contribute to open source projects
  • participate in online help forums, i.e. Stack Overflow
I already have some technical goals in regards to open source projects and hacking, but blogging is once again a weak point. So how about I quantify my blogging? I want to have 18 posts by the end of this year not including this post. That's 1.5 posts a month. That's sounds like such a small number of posts, but I bet by the end of year I'll be struggling to get this goal in. A nice timely, achievable goal.

Personal Finance
Using cash only for non-recurring purchases is a great goal. I like that goal a lot. I'm already on my way to saving. I also wanted to quantify my savings goals. I need to put a monetary number on how much I want to save. My emergency fund is a weak point I need to address. I want to have $5000 by the end of 2011. With what I have saved, that turns out to be $400 a month. Ouch. A lofty goal, but I worked it out and I can get it done. Totally attainable.

I also have an addendum to my goals. These are things that I've thought of in the past week.

Do the marathon
I'm going to be in the 1% that does the marathon in their lifetime. Training starts at the end of January!

Sky Diving on my birthday
I'm going to make it happen!

iPhone Hacking
I've spent some time working on an iphone application that's really fun. My brain hurts, but I'm going to continue working on it. This part is measurable with the next item.

Average 7 hours a week on something I'm passionate about
Whether it be iPhone hacking or blogging, I want to average 7 hours a week doing something I love. 7 hours a week isn't that much. It's one hour a night. Totally achievable. I'm going to keep a log on google docs that keeps track of what I'm doing and when. Reading blogs and things online doesn't count because I'm only consuming information. I want to be a producer, one night at a time.

Phew. Now that sounds like a goal list. Time to get to work!


rtk said...

I like the SMART plan....and I like your goals. Looks like 2011 is going to be a fun year.

austen.ito said...

fun and crazy!

Jason said...

Sky diving is fun. I really recommend it. I would also recommend pacific skydiving over sky dive hawaii.

Pacific skydiving is better because they have jumps from 14,000 feet which is much higher than sky dive hawaii. Also, photos and videos are expensive since it requires another person to fly with you and don't forget about tipping your tandem instructor and camera person.

Be warned, they both have terrible websites. Seriously feels like the 90's.

austen.ito said...

@Jason: nice i'll be sure to look into them